On Sunday 27 September 2 tastings were held that went very well despite the period, in fact 35 guests for each tasting came for the Bacchus Artisan 2020.
Also this year the focus of the event was the wine and therefore the wines of the Chianti Rufina area. The Chianti Rufina Consortium and the Municipality of Rufina set up tables in the hall of Villa Poggio Reale to accommodate 35 guests (in compliance with all the rules relating to COVID) for the 2 professional tastings that were held inside the villa.
This year the leitmotif of the two tastings was the Wine Box project, the Chianti Rufina Consortium is pursuing knowledge of the territory through this project that allows the enthusiast to learn more about the wines of the right and left banks.
The tastings were conducted by sommeliers who introduced enthusiasts to the Rufina area and its wines by describing the differences between the right and left banks.


4.00 pm: Between east and west – the vintages: An itinerant journey through the diversity of our territory with the most recent Rufinas that most highlight the freshness and balance of our Sangiovese.
Right bank: Colognole – Chianti Rufina 2017, Fattoria Lavacchio – Cedro 2018, I Veroni – domi 2018, Il Pozzo Chianti Rufina 2017.
Left bank: Borgo Macereto – The escape 2018, Il Balzo – Chianti Rufina 2018, Travignoli – Villa Travignoli 2018

6.30 pm: Rive “gauche” and “droite” – the reserves: A tasting of Reserves crossing the Sieve from right to left in search of the deepest and most fascinating scents of our terroir.
Right bank: Trebbio Castle – Paved 2015, Marchesi Gondi – Villa Bossi 2013, Fattoria il capitano – Chianti Rufina Riserva 2016, Fattoria Grignano – Poggio Gualtieri 2016.
Left bank: Marchesi Frescobaldi – Vecchie Viti 2016, Selvapiana Farm – Bucerchiale 2016, Frascole – Chianti Rufina Riserva 2016, Fattoria il Lago – Chianti Rufina Riserva 2016.

We were very sorry not to be able to involve the producers in these splendid tastings, but due to the rules of distancing they forced us to make the most of the spaces available for customers.