We are happy to announce that the 2017 vintage of our Chianti Rufina Reserve DOCG ‘A Gino‘ has won a place on the podium for the ‘Best Italian Wine’ competition organized by Wine Channel.
A Gino wine was awarded a bronze medal by becoming part of the selection of wines chosen by an Italian-Chinese jury with the aim of making the best Italian wines known to a sector audience in China.
All the awarded wines have been published on 19Youbao, the first Italian wine magazine for the Chinese market.

Although extremely satisfied with the result, our company is even more enthusiastic about what this award represents for us: a step forward, a further advancement on our path. In fact, we want to consider this gratification not a point of arrival, but as a starting point from which the name Dreolino can expand its horizons, meeting a market still not well-explored and making notorious the high quality of the Italian wine we represent.