This year the Chianti Rufina will attend the Anteprime di Toscana for two days in a row: February 15th at PrimAnteprima with most of the small and prestigious Tuscan Appelation, and February 16th at Chianti Lovers, together with the other Chianti sub-regions. “PrimAnteprima will highlight some peculiarities of the Rufina production area” the President Cesare Coda Nunziante declares “thanks also to the simultaneous presence of the wines of Carmignano and Valdarno di Sopra. Together with Chianti Classico, these are the areas that can claim the oldest example of denomination of origin in the world.

The production of high-quality wines was so well established here that the area was included in the decree of Cosimo III de’ Medici, who in 1716 saw the need to protect, from counterfeiting, Tuscan wines being produced in Chianti Classico, Rufina- Pomino, Carmignano, and in Valdarno di Sopra”.  Chianti Rufina is one of the highest-quality wine production zones in Tuscany and certainly the highest in elevation and coolest in terms of climate.

“Both the environment and its wine production” continues Coda Nunziante “are absolutely unique in Tuscany. Its distinctive ecological and climatic conditions make possible a perfect equilibrium among vineyards, olive groves, and woods of fir and chestnut”.  Soils are mainly sandstone and marl-based, thus containing a preponderance of silica and mica, and limited quantity of clay, and with abundant pebble and gravel admixture in the higher sections. Crops are grown up to as high as 750 metres. For the most part of the year, the climate in the growing zone is temperate and cold, while in the summer the Mediterranean sphere shows its influence: this has a strong impact on the final stages of the grape-ripening process, letting the fruit achieve a full ripeness.  Temperature range is remarkably wide, with hot summers and severe winters. “One of the main characteristics of our wines” concludes Coda Nunziante “ is its ageing potential which makes it precious and sought after by the wine experts”.