The 2022 harvest in the Chianti Rufina area is one of the most promising in recent years. A rainless winter led to budding with a slight delay but then to vigorous growth thanks to the high temperatures recorded since May.

Spring was characterized by little rain, thus avoiding attacks by pathogenic fungi and reducing interventions in the vineyard to a minimum. The summer was marked by a severe drought, mitigated only by the particular orographic conformation of the Sieve valley, but the August rains restored vigor to the plant and accelerated the ripening of the grapes.

At the beginning of September, the harvest of the white vines ended and that of the red grapes began, such as Merlot, and Sangiovese, the main variety of Rufina, which benefited from the warm days to complete its maturation. The harvested grapes are healthy, with a higher sugar content than the average of recent years and acidity in line with past years, predicting a harvest suited to the production of structured red wines with long aging.

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