Azienda Agricola Colognole

The Colognole farm has belonged to the Spalletti family since the end of the 19th century. The company area extends for about 650 hectares within the Chianti Rufina Docg, about 32 km east of Florence. The 27 hectares of vineyards climb the right ban [...]


Azienda Agricola Frascole

The Frascole farm extends over 80 hectares, part of the valley floor for arable crops, most of the hill planted with vines and olive trees in addition to the woods. Its birth originates from the passion for agriculture that has been handed down for s [...]


Azienda Agricola I Veroni

The history of the farm dates back, as an agricultural complex, to the end of the 1500s when it was owned by the noble Gatteschi family who built the first fermentation tanks of the musts, still visible today, and, as a building complex, at the begin [...]


Azienda Vitivinicola Le Coste

The wine origins of the Grati family date back to the beginning of 1900, with Antonio Grati who in 1917 began the production of wines and spirits, then continued by his sons Federico and Giulio, founder, the latter, of the current Le Coste Winery. Th [...]


Azienda Agricola Travignoli

The Azienda Agricola Travignoli is located 25 km east of Florence near the confluence of the Arno and Sieve rivers, in the north-east area of ​​the Chianti production area called Chianti Rufina, a historic wine production area. The Travignoli estate [...]


Borgo Macereto

The Borgo Macereto farm extends for about 20 hectares on the hills that dominate the area between Mugello and Valdisieve in the municipality of Dicomano (FI). Of the estate, 6 hectares are intended for vineyards, 3 for olive groves and the remaining [...]


Cantine Bellini

The Bellini family belongs to an older generation of landowners who at the end of the 1800s began to distribute the products of their farms in the area, dedicating the utmost attention to the production of wines. The winery had a strong impulse in th [...]


Casa Vinicola Dreolino

The Dreolino family business produces noble wines with a controlled and guaranteed designation of origin: Chianti DOCG, Chianti Rufina and Tuscan Wines IGT. The production originates in the traditional geographical area of ​​the Typical Chianti near [...]


Castello Nipozzano

Ancient stronghold defending Florence since the year one thousand, the Castle of Nipozzano is the most famous and historic property of the Frescobaldi family and houses the wines of the "Private Collection" of every single member of the Frescobaldi f [...]


Castello del Trebbio

The Castello del Trebbio, founded by the de'Pazzi family in the 12th century has been owned by the Baj Macario family since 1968. Since 1995 it has been managed directly by Anna Baj Macario and her husband Stefano Casadei who have transformed the pro [...]


Fattoria di Doccia

Surrounded by the vineyards and olive groves of the gentle Tuscan hills, Fattoria di Doccia boasts centuries-old history and tradition, enriched in recent years by its vocation for organic farming. The green Florentine hills frame the Fattoria which [...]


Fattoria di Grignano

In the heart of the Chianti Rufina, the Fattoria di Grignano produces DOCG Wine and PGI Extra Virgin Olive Oil, both with Certified Organic Method, of high quality level and which reflect the identity of the territory. The company, with a century-old [...]


Fattoria il Capitano

Fattoria Il Capitano is a family-run company that has been producing wine and oil according to tradition for generations, taking care of and cultivating its vineyards and olive groves nestled on the hills between the Arno and the Sieve, in the heart [...]


Fattoria il Lago

Fattoria Il Lago is an ancient estate, located in the Municipality of Dicomano about 30 km from Florence. The company, which in the past belonged to the Marquises Vivai Bartolini Salimbeni, a noble and ancient Florentine family, is part of the Chiant [...]


Fattoria Lavacchio

The farm, located on the top of the Monte fi esole hill at 450 meters above sea level, just 18 km from Florence, is a typical family-run business, immersed in the enchanting succession of rolling hills full of vineyards and olive groves, located betwe [...]


Fattoria Selvapiana

Selvapiana in Medieval times was one of the watch towers along the river Sieve built with the purpose to protect the city of Florence on the North-East border. During Renaissance the building was enlarged and transformed into a Villa as summer reside [...]


Ormae Vinae

The ORMÆVINÆ project began after the historic farm in Chianti Rufina "Il Monte" was acquired by international investors, a family that is passionately in love with Italy, Tuscany and Florence. The purchased estate consisted of a 1.2 hectare vineyard, [...]


Podere il Balzo

Podere Il Balzo is located in the heart of the Chianti Rufina production area along the Sieve valley. Purchased in the late 1960s by Ugo Ponticelli (grandfather of the current owner Paolo), it consisted of a building and a piece of land from the then [...]


Podere il Pozzo

The Il Pozzo farm is located on the hills around Rufina at 300-400 meters above sea level on the right bank of the Sieve river and includes about 50 hectares of woods, olive groves and vineyards. The territory where the Podere is located has been inh [...]


Marchesi Gondi – Tenuta Bossi

Tenuta Bossi, owned by the Gondi family since 1592, has always been famous for its wine. Located on the wooded hills north-east of Florence, in the heart of Chianti Rufina, a wine-growing area famous since the Etruscan era. This gem is located in a v [...]



VI.C.A.S. is an agricultural cooperative made up of approximately 250 wine growers with small and medium-sized estates in the Arno and Sieve hills, a territory where Chianti, Chianti Rufina and noble IGT Toscana wines are produced. The grapes come fr [...]