Project Description

The Frascole farm extends over 80 hectares, part of the valley floor for arable crops, most of the hill planted with vines and olive trees in addition to the woods.
Its birth originates from the passion for agriculture that has been handed down for several generations in the family. The company center is the Vico farm located on the Frascole hill overlooking the town of Dicomano, at almost 400 meters above sea level. It consists of a small group of houses dating back to the Middle Ages and located in the center of vineyards and olive groves.

The origins of the estate are even older, the name “Vico” itself is of Roman origins.
Numerous archaeological finds from the Roman era (remains of a house and some coins) and Etruscan (the remains of the nearby and important Etruscan fortification and a beautiful Etruscan funerary stele) were found on the estate.

Here the best products are born, the wines Frascole Chianti Rufina DOCG, Frascole Riserva Chianti Rufina DOCG, the wines with Typical Geographical Indication Bitornino and Limine and the whites In Albis and Sauvignon, the Vinsanto del Chianti Rufina DOC and the extra virgin olive oil.
For many years a careful conversion has been initiated to improve the quality of the products by trying to use the great natural potential that the earth offers in the best way. In the field, this meant renewing the plants with the creation of high density and low yield vineyards with the adoption of compact forms of farming and thanks to the practice of thinning out. The cellar has been completely renovated and expanded with the creation of new wine-making and aging rooms.
The whole company has been run since 1998 with the organic cultivation method.