Project Description

The Bellini family belongs to an older generation of landowners who at the end of the 1800s began to distribute the products of their farms in the area, dedicating the utmost attention to the production of wines.
The winery had a strong impulse in the 1950s when it started expanding its trade, as well as in Italy, also throughout Europe.

Today the fifth generation of winemakers of the Bellini family has consolidated traditional European markets and pushed sales overseas making its wines widely known and appreciated. Bellini wines are made with typical local grapes, harvested from vineyards partly owned and partly rented from nearby farms with which the company has been collaborating for a very long time.
The management of the winery is still family-run and continues along a line that combines tradition with an organizational and technological renewal capable of giving new impetus to production and obtaining ever better quality wines.

The historic vineyards of the Bellini family are located within the smallest and highest of the seven areas of the Chianti area: the Chianti Rufina.
These extend over a hilly area located between 300 and 400 meters above sea level, surrounded by olive groves and woods that take root in an area rich in history made up of Romanesque parishes, towers and medieval castles.
The sandy-calcareous soils together with strong changes in temperature between night and day and ventilation are the ideal basis for the cultivation of Sangiovese, a grape variety which, thanks to its good acidity and tannins, is naturally suited to aging.
In addition to Sangiovese, which is the most representative indigenous historical grape variety of our territory, other types of red grapes are grown, such as Cabernet, Merlot and Syrah.