Project Description

In the heart of the Chianti Rufina, the Fattoria di Grignano produces DOCG Wine and PGI Extra Virgin Olive Oil, both with Certified Organic Method, of high quality level and which reflect the identity of the territory.

The company, with a century-old tradition and ancient property of Caterina de ‘Medici, donated by herself to the wealthy family of the Marquis Gondi, now covers 600 hectares including 47 farms, each of which characterized by its own historical and architectural connotation, concentrated on the cultivation of vines and olive trees.

The entire range of Grignano wines immediately shows excellent drinkability while at the same time retaining great aging potential, which ensures great longevity, with particular reference to the “Poggio Gualtieri” reserve and the “Salicaria” IGT.
With a tradition rooted in the territory, Fattoria di Grignano constantly strives to present the fruits of its work to the national and international public: an elegant wine with a strong personality, rightly tannic, with aromas that refer to complex bouquets of berries and spices and an extra virgin olive oil with very low acidity and remarkable organoleptic characteristics.

Fattoria di Grignano focuses on tradition and culture, linked to the territory and combined with the most advanced technology, to play a leading role in the vast world of Food & Wine.