We are very pleased to report the article by Francesco Galli reporter of Luxury Files magazine a Question of Style, a quarterly bilingual Lifestyle magazine that talks about luxury as a synonym of quality, style and excellence, which highlights the main characteristics of the Terraelectae project.

The new brand of origin presented in May 2022 is in fact a guarantee seal of all the potential of the Apennine territory of Rufina, which has always been an expression of elegant wines suitable for long aging. Below is an extract from the article published in the summer 2022 edition.


At the Sala Cenacolo of the Science Museum in Milan a new collective brand of some producers of the Chianti Rufina was baptized. This is a very particular area, with the altitude that varies amidst low-hill terrain up to 700 meters. But the major factor of characterization of this area is the exposure, the microclimate for each vineyards. For this reason it deserves its own in-depth and punctually personalized connotation meter by meter.

Thus was born the TERRAELECTAE brand, adhering to which each producer identifies his own symbolic vineyard, as the Cru for the French producers, the small patch of land of the property in which Sangiovese expresses all its characteristics in the best way. The grapes produced in this vineyard are vinified in compliance with the rules of a Chianti Rufina Riserva and the wine will be marked with this brand. What counts is the vineyard with its unique position and its grapes, the object of the utmost care. The goal is to define a precise style of Terraelectae wines that over time,
the succession of vintages, is increasingly attributable to the vineyard and less and less to the La Sala Cenacolo. processing method.

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