The True Essence of Chianti Rufina

TERRAELECTAE represents the very soul of Rufina. It has been created to eloquently express the finest qualities of Sangiovese of Tuscany, thanks to its refined floral scents and notes of ripe black cherry, to the silky elegance of its texture, to the smooth yet vibrant character of its progression, and to its remarkable ageing potential.

Rufina: Lofty passion in the vineyard

TERRAELECTAE is a voluntary brand conceived and owned by the producers belonging to the Consorzio Chianti Rufina, seeking a more advanced characterization than that offered by the regulations in force in the Valle della Sieve territory, and can only be used in relation to wines that comply with the regulations.

Furthermore, the wine must be obtained exclusively from grapes produced in the Chianti Rufina docg production area, it must have a 100% Sangiovese ampelographic base and bear the words “Vigna” or “Vigneto” on the label. It must be traced, the vinification and storage of the wine must take place in separate containers. The wine must belong to the RESERVE category, with the relative parameters to be disciplined in addition to max grape production / ha 70 Qli / ha, alcoholic content not less than 12.5% vol., 30 months aging of which 18 in wood and at least 6 in bottle and ban on the use of “flask” type containers.

Terraelectae selected farms and vineyards

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