The Consorzio del Chianti Rufina (Chianti Rufina Consortium) was originally constituted under the name Vitirufina on 18 July 1980 by deed no. 9692, ratified by public notary Speranzini on 1.08.1980, incorporating the producers in the Rufina area as defined by the decree of the Minister for Agriculture and Forests in cooperation with the Minister of Corporations, on July 31, 1932 in the ambit of the process of enactment of law 10 July 1930 n. 1164.

It was amended by the Shareholders Meeting of 5 December 1991 by deed No. 7913, ratified by notary Bernini on 11.12.1991 and subsequently amended by resolutions of the Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting.

The present statute derives from the original and is amended pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 61/2010 (Constitution and recognition of Consortia), in order to comply with the provisions of the aforementioned legislation concerning the regulation of DOP and IGP wines and guarantor Consortia.

The Consortium conducts internal activities, if recognized in pursuant to the first paragraph art. 17 Legislative Decree, or external activities, if recognized pursuant to art. 17, paragraph 4 of Legislative Decree and is constituted as an association of business owners belonging to the categories of wine growers, winemakers and bottlers subject to the control system referred to in Legislative Decree 61/2010, who are involved in the production of grapes and wines assigned the Chianti Rufina DOCG and the Vinsanto Chianti Rufina DOC classifications.

The Consortium is a non-profit organisation. The duration of the Consortium is set to expire on 31.12.2050 and may be extended by resolution of the Shareholders’ Meeting.