2021 Anteprime di Toscana 2021 postponed to May. In the meantime, Chianti Rufina is ready for delivery: “WINE-BOX”, Chianti Rufina right to your house. 

Roll-out of the new edition of Anteprime di Toscana has been postponed until spring 2021, and precisely to 14-22 May. The Covid19 health emergency has forced the organisers of all of Italy’s wine fairs, which producers use to introduce their new products to wine sector experts and professionals, to push back dates that have become, over the years, traditional and much-awaited.

“The postponement of the Anteprima is a real disappointment for us producers,” stated Consorzio Chianti Rufina President Cesare  Coda Nunziante, “because it serves as the first showcase for our new vintages, wines which up to that moment have been tasted only ‘in house’ by the producers and their winemakers.”

The Rufina and Pomino zone is one of Tuscany’s oldest growing areas for the production of high-quality wines, since it was recognised and given protection in 1796 by the famous Decree of Cosimo III de’ Medici, along with the areas of Chianti Classico, Carmignano, and Valdarno di Sopra.

“All of the Tuscan consorzios are in agreement,” continued Nunziante, “over postponing this important event until May, since that will allow us to conduct with more serenity and undistracted attention what is an intense week of tastings.  In addition, the month of May, right after the grapevines begin their new growth, is certainly one of the most beautiful periods of the year in our hills, and the good weather will make it all the easier to organise occasions of hospitality for our professional guests.  We will do everything in our power to put behind us the very trying period that we are currently going through, and we will transform our event into a tremendous celebration of wine in our region. Together, Consorzi Toscani, we will succeed!”


While waiting to extend a warm personal welcome, Chianti Rufina launches the WINE-BOX

The current situation is particularly challenging, with the pandemic halting any production growth in the Rufina zone, severely impacting wines that are appreciated across the globe. Fortunately, the reduction in wine sales remains limited at the moment, thanks to positive market reaction and to increased sales online.  The latest positive development is the new WINE-BOX project, which makes it possible to purchase online vintages and reserves of Chianti Rufina DOCG by simply accessing the www.chiantirufina.com/winebox/website, or the Consorzio Chianti Rufina Facebook profile, or Instagram at@consorziochiantirufina, or, finally, Whatsapp. There are four different Wine-Boxes so far, and each contains  6 bottles of Chianti Rufina,  divided by wine type, vintage of Riserva, and by vineyard location along the Sieve River valley above its confluence with the Arno; on the right bank for Pontassieve and on the left bank for Rufina, Pelago, and Dicomano. All in all, an ultra-gourmet opportunity for a treasure-filled trip into the high-elevation vineyards of the Florentine Apennines.

“Rufina boasts an environment and winegrowing area truly unique in Tuscany,” underscored Nunziante, “a place whose one-of-a-kind climate and ecological system creates a perfect equilibrium between vineyards, olive groves, and forests of fir and chestnut.” The vineyards lie at elevations of up to 750 metres, which allows the grapes to reach optimal ripeness levels, thanks to significant temperature ranges, with warm summers and severe winters. “One of the established characteristics of our wines is their longevity, which makes them intensely coveted by collectors. But to make our growing area stand out still further, we have launched a project of identifying our very best estate vineyards, and when this process is complete, we will be able to showcase in the fullest manner possible all the inner qualities classic to our terroir.”

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